Want to know what I did before coming to work this morning?  I dropped my daughter off at school and then fixed the handle in the driver's door of my car.

Yes, I did it myself.

Earlier this year, I paid off my vehicle.  I decided before paying it off that I would go at least one year without a car note. Why is it that as soon as the car was paid off, things started to go wrong?

When I say things started to go wrong, I mean that my left turn signal stopped working.  Extremely inconvenient! But I wasn't going to let it bother me.  I just made as few left turns as possible, like I drive a UPS truck! [That really is one of their practices when creating delivery routes.]

It didn't bother me much until my left low beam went out! What's going on now???

So, I popped my hood, prepared to find the way to take out the headlight and replace the entire fixture.  Turns out it was too much for me to handle in the little time I had. So, I decided to just try to get home as quickly as possible after work to keep from driving at night.  Once I discovered that my fog lights and high beam still worked..... Yeah, I've kinda put off getting that light fixed.  I REALLY need to, though.  Right now, I'm out here looking pretty raggedy to be honest!

If that's not bad enough, about a week and a half ago, the doggone interior handle of my driver's door broke. This gave me two options of getting out my car.  When my daughter or nieces rode with me, they'd get out first and then open my door.  Looked very sweet to anyone who might have been watching.  But the truth of the matter is those were the only times I got a break from my regular routine: let down the window, open the door from the outside, let the window back up, and then turn off the car.  THIS I wasn't going to do for long.  Definitely not something to put off.  I could get away with that bad headlight and signal for a while, but letting somebody see me open my door from the outside... Nope.  Just too much!

So, I went straight to Amazon, ordered the part, found a YouTube video on how to replace it and did it myself!



I've learned very valuable lessons in all of this.

1.  I did for myself and about $15 what the dealer was going to charge me $240 to do.

2.  People trying to gain YouTube followers will show you how to do just about anything you need to do in life.

3.  The longer I'm single, the harder it's going to be for me to step back and let a man take charge.

I'll definitely expound on that last one a little later.  For now, I'll bask in my pride of doing it myself.


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