The increasing number of educators and school employees in the news for engaging in sexual activity with students made me think....

Looking back to my high school years now that I am an adult, I see things a bit differently.  Again, this is NOT excusing sex with a child!

Research suggests that the majority of inappropriate sexual conduct happens in the workplace. Many people have affairs with their secretaries or coworkers with whom they spend a lot of their time.

I don't know of my high school band director having any affairs, but he DID spend A LOT of time at work!  I mean, he taught beginners, intermediate, and advanced band classes through the day, and we often had band practice until late evening. He was committed to the music and making sure we knew how to properly play. He taught us about sound quality and about how it didn't matter if we were "loud and rauchous" if the notes were out of tune. Plenty of other bands "blew us out the stands," but none could touch us in the fluidity of our music.


Thinking about the amount of time that man stayed at work, I kinda feel sorry for his wife. Unless she had other things to keep her occupied too, that had to be hard for her. I've heard many couples say "We just grew apart" when asked about why their relationship ended. I'm almost certain work schedules had a major part to play in that.
As a mom, one of the things that is of utmost importance to me is making sure my child doesn't feel that she comes second to my work. I do work long hours, but I try to have her with me as much as possible and make sure I take every opportunity I have to take her to school or spend quality time with her. It's not a matter of her being spoiled as much as it is me making sure I put time into a relationship I value.

To drive this thought even further, according to some sources, Americans are the most overworked developed nation in the world! Could this be why our society is on an unhealthy decline? How do we develop a better work-life balance? Any suggestions?

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