Samuel Adams is releasing a ('Limited Edition' or 'VSOP' or whatever expensive name you want to call it) craft beer that won’t be available in 12 states due to its sky-high alcohol content.The beer maker announced the tenth release of Utopias, which carry a price tag of $199 per bottle.

The barrel-aged brew, which boasts a 28 percent alcohol by volume or 56 proof, is released once every other year. About 13,000 bottles will be distributed throughout the U.S. this year, excluding some states.

But you won't be able to try it here in Alabama, because Alabama along with Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington all prohibit the sale of the beer.

Samuel Adams called its limited-edition brew,

the craft beer community’s most renowned and sought after extreme barrel-aged beer.

The brewer suggests consumers enjoy the beer by drinking one ounce at a time. And with a price tag like it has maybe not even that much.

The 2017 batch of Utopias will be available in November.


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