Postal Carriers
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I always seem to get this particular Holiday mixed up, I'm sure I'm not the only person wondering if the mail runs tomorrow or if the banks will be open?  Well, I have to the answers!

Good news on Good Friday is if you need to hit the bank, the Banks are open and running normal hours on Good Friday! That also means if you get paid on the 30th of each month, your payment won’t be delayed because of a holiday weekend schedule. Since Good Friday is not a federal holiday, your bank should be open even if you cannot find their list of official holidays online.

Being that Good Friday Is NOT a Federal Holiday, mail runs as well! Now, as far as schools are concerned, public schools will all be open and going through their normal class schedules on Good Friday, but if your children attend a private school with a religious affiliation, you’ll need to call the administration and ask for specifics.

With that being said!  I guess I'll be here as well!  Lol