As Tennessee Hate Week continues there was a ton of interest in who would be the “guest picker” for ESPN College GameDay as the show broadcasts from the University of Tennessee.

Vols fans went wild and had a big campaign for country music legend Dolly Parton to grace the position. They even had “We Want Queen Dolly” written out on ‘The Rock’ which is an “iconic UT landmark for more than 50 years, the Rock is a place of free expression on campus, a public canvas where thousands of artists have expressed themselves,” said UT.

It makes sense, Dolly Parton is a LEGEND, her hometown of Sevierville, Tennessee is about 20 miles away from Knoxville, and she is the QUEEN of Tennessee!

Stella Parton's Red Tent Women's Conference 2014 - Day 1
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Bless their hearts; they truly have been putting their all into wooing Dolly Parton into saying YES. But, unfortunately, the fans won’t get their wish.

Could you imagine, Dolly Parton as the Guest Picker???????

We would be talking about that appearance for years to come. She would have done an excellent job. Maybe next year.

Peyton Manning has been announced as “College GameDay’s Week 7 Guest Picker.

Do I boooooo now or later?

Are the Vols fans disappointed?

I think having these celebrity guest pickers is amazing for the fans. So, maybe so. I know I would have loved to see Dolly but I'm not a Vols fan. I'm rollin' with the Tide!


So … QUESTION … when College GameDay makes it to Alabama, who do you think should be the celebrity guest picker? Let me know, send me an email at, or send me a message in the app.

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(Source) Click here to follow ESPN College GameDay. Click here to learn more about 'The Rock' at UT. Click here to follow Dolly Parton on Twitter.

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