If this isn't the poster-boy for Dumb A$$ criminals. A man already going to court for a stolen car charge drove another stolen car to court.
The man was to appear before a judge on a charge of first-degree larceny and tampering with a motor vehicle in February.

As he waited in court, parking authority agents scanning license plates outside the courthouse found the white 2014 Subaru Legacy that had been reported stolen.

Police kept an eye on the car, and arrested the man when he got inside and attempted to drive off.

He has been charged again with second-degree larceny and taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s permission.

Now this is what gets me, if you have to go to court for a stolen car charge why would you drive a stolen car to court? Did the guy think that they wouldn't find out, or was he that much of a Dumb A$$ Criminal to think he would get away with it?
This just goes to show that there is always another Dumb A$$ criminal out there.

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