When it comes to staying safe, most of us are significantly limiting outside activity.  Some, for the most part, aren’t leaving home except to handle the necessities like going to work, attending doctor’s appointments, and grocery shopping.

A bit of flexibility is given when it comes to eating out, with most opting for delivery or to-go options.

Some of the most successful food establishments amid the COVID-19 pandemic are food trucks, and if you’re one of those families where everyone wants something from a different place, this Saturday night is going to excite you!

What’s going on, you ask?

Well, Tuscaloosa’s Eastview Church is hosting a food truck festival!

While state mandated guidelines for social distancing and PPE will be followed, attendees are welcome to bring lawn chairs and enjoy a night out.

Credit: Facebook/Tuscaloosa's Eastview Church
Credit: Facebook/Tuscaloosa's Eastview Church

The following food trucks will be on location:

Archibald and Woodrow’s: Known for its ribs and uniquely flavored wings, this food truck is sure to satisfy your barbecue cravings. The menu for this event will include barbecue nachos, barbecue fries, pulled pork sandwiches, and more!

(Paul's Delicious Express)
(Paul's Delicious Express)

Paul’s Express: This food truck is making a major mark with its choices of fish, soul food, burgers and sandwiches. We all hate when restaurants run out of a particular food item we want to order, but that’s probably good news to the service provider.

Wihagan’s: The Wilhagan’s food truck serves some of the foods you just don’t really see on a truck like ribeye steaks! Like really… Who does that? Wihagan’s apparently! Mad about it? Of course not!

Big Tasty: If you’re looking for a big, tasty burger, this is your place… No, really! There’s a menu item called the Big Tasty Burger. But this is junk food paradise with hot dogs, various flavored wings, loaed fries, fried Oreos, and more!

Sno Biz: Is there ever a time a snow cone isn’t appropriate?  Okay, maybe when the weather isn’t too nice.  Luckily, that’s not the case right now. And at the very least, the snow cone can serve as a dessert!

As you can see, there’s something for everyone at Tuscaloosa Eastview Church’s food truck festival… Unless you’re on a diet. In which case, the church is the perfect place to pray for the ability to deny your hunger.

Then again, a food truck festival might not be the best time to decide to fast.

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