2020 is set to make another mark in history…

*cues Thriller music*

Sources say we will have the first global Halloween Blue Moon since 1944.

What exactly does this mean? Well, there will be a full moon across time zones for the second time in October.  A second full moon in one calendar month is what’s called a Blue Moon.  It is said that this phenomenon occurs seven times in 19 years. However, a full moon on Halloween happens only once every 19 years across all time zones.  This year is apparently the 19th year.

So, those things that rarely happen or take place “every blue moon” are more likely to take place this Halloween.


Now, it is a longstanding myth that full moons cause strange things to happen, but since is said to back up some of these claims such as the following:

  • Dogs are said to have a higher possibility of having a trip to the ER as a result of being hurt.
  • Tides are said to be stronger. (Probably not a good sign for Mississippi State.  I know, I know… See what I did there?)
  • The full moon is said to possibly regulate a woman’s cycle. *major side eye here*
  • More women are said to go into labor during full moons!
  • Crime is said to be committed at a higher rate when there’s a full moon.
  • Full moons are said to possibly affect sleep patterns.
  • The moon’s gravitational pull is said to influence moods. So, people are more likely to act strangely.
  • Medical procedures are said to have greater success rates during full moons.
  • Plants are said to grow faster during full moons.

All of these sound a bit strange but are said to be scientifically proven. However, because those committed to a life of malice are often said to be more active during Halloween (as it precedes All Saints Day), coupling the day with a full moon—a blue moon at that—this just may be a good year to be extra careful.

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