Mom teaching daughter to read in relaxed environment

As a person who has seen the effects of children being forced into adult situations too soon, it was important to me when I became a parent to make sure I fostered an environment where my daughter was able to enjoy some of the things I wasn't able to have as a kid but also that I didn't force her to grow up too fast.

I still iron her clothes on most days, though I have started letting her help with the laundry.  She helps with the dishes, and keeps up her bedroom. I allow her to play in makeup, and she wears lip gloss; but I don't allow her to wear makeup away from home or to dress like an adult.

I know there are some fashions that are just "too cute" on toddlers, but as the parent of a physically fit young lady who is "developing," I see the importance of protecting her innocence.  So while an outfit may be a bit midriff baring, it's not one that will give the appearance of being anything close to an adult.

Now, this is not to say that I blame a victims for any infraction committed against them, but I think there are developmental phases that should fade into each other. Unfortunately, it appears that some young ladies skip over a few and go straight from being in single digits to full-on teenagers.

Social media makes it even worse as many models catch their big breaks by developing massive numbers of followers, which often captures the eyes of influential decision makers; and most parents see the importance of boosting their children's interests early. So, some toddlers have greater social presence than many adults.

However, it's quite refreshing when you come across a young lady who is just that... A little girl mimicking what she's seen, but she's still age appropriate.

When I first started this video, I was ready to cringe.  Thought for sure she would give herself an adult 'do and would top it off with a face full of makeup, but I was pleasantly surprised.

This five-year-old was allowed to practice doing her own hair before having it washed, and she still chose a style that was very age appropriate. Kudos to her parents.

My nine-year-old still loves unicorns, mermaids, the Disney channel, and holding my hand while walking through parking lots and large crowds.  Every time she reaches for my hand, it makes me smile with pride.  I give her the room to grow, but I'm pleased that she's taking her time as I'm not in a rush to have a "little broke best friend."

At the same time, I love knowing that she's still in the phase where she feels like she needs me.  I know these days will come to an end soon. As for now, my little girl is truly a little girl, and I love every minute of it.

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