Social Networking Sites May Be Monitored By Security Services
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Get ready to meet your soulmate....on Facebook!


Facebook is really about to turn themselves into a dating site! They just announced a brand new feature that will turn it into a dating site.

For the married folks and ones that are seriously dating, no worries, you can opt out of the service. Otherwise, opt-in to the service and turn your current profile into a dating profile and then they'll find you potentially good matches with other single people who you aren't already friends with.

And ironically, Facebook's complete disregard for our security and privacy might actually make this dating site MORE secure than the other ones.

Since they already know so much about you, it could be a lot harder to fake things on their dating site than it is on the other dating sites out there.

Facebook says the new feature is launching soon ! No, of course on the other hand, it's not the best news for other dating sites out there! and its parent company both had drops in their stock prices after the announcement yesterday.

Now keep in mind this is for singles!  Married people, keep away!  You know people always talk about how Facebook messed up their relationship, this won't help it none! Lol