Credit: Shantelle Mcbride/YouTube

If you’ve been on Facebook at any time in the last day or so, chances are you’ve seen a video where warnings are being given about an electronic magnetic pulse (EMP) drill this month.

Just in case you haven’t seen it:

(Warning: Strong language.)


Now, what are the facts of the matter?

Well, first of all, would the government take a chance on killing that many people? Planes falling out the sky, traffic lights malfunctioning across the country (causing wrecks, of course), no way to clean water, etc. ? If it did, what would be the purpose?  To have more empty homes; mounds of stinking flesh of the deceased, and more jobs than the survivors are able to manage? In a litigious society, would they really take such a chance?

No phones working, hospitals won’t be able to treat patients… In the words of Ed Lover,


(Credit: edlover4real/YouTube)

So, when we had fire drills in school, did administration set the school on fire?  What about tornado and earthquake drills?  Were the forces of nature manipulated to create these events for the sake of a drill?

It's highly probable that the Department of Defense is holding its own internal research to determine what would happen if there was an EMP sent through the continent.  Hence the word "drill."

But just in case these ladies are right, I think I'll stock up on a few more batteries and bottled water. #staywoke *giggle*

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