One Tuscaloosa family is $30 million richer after a jury found sufficient evidence for a doctor and DCH Regional Medical Center to be negligent in providing the proper care to a gunshot patient who subsequently died. Full story.

This is such an unfortunate case for the victim. However, his family has served his memory well by not letting it fall to the wayside.

All too often, we hear horror stories of patients not receiving adequate care, of the uninsured being left untreated, of I.V.s being improperly inserted (or patients being stuck entirely too many times), and of symptoms being treated rather than underlying issues being addressed.

While some patients who make visits to the emergency room are there because they are uninsured and simply seek stabilization, there are more who are critically injured or ill and should be seen immediately.  Usually, the priority is given to the patient needing assistance the most. For a shooting victim to be practically ignored is beyond reprehensible.

Hopefully, healthcare professionals will take the "care" part more seriously. Another case like this should never happen again.

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