In a recent survey, only 5% of people said Father's Day is more important, this is compared to 27% who said Mother's Day is.  However, two-thirds of the people that took the survey said they are equally important.

I've been asking men all week, what would be a gift you would like to have, I heard a lot of men say, it's just the thought that counts. I believe that why y'all only get socks and ties!



So I found another survey that asked dads what they'd like to get for Father's Day this year, here's the top 10:

a nice dinner out

a nice bottle of booze

a watch

a vacation


a smart speaker

a steak dinner at home

tickets to a sporting event


expensive coffee.


Some other things that dad said he wouldn't mind getting, according to the survey is


a fitness tracker

power tools

a nice pen.


According to the survey, the average dad only expects each kid to spend $27 on them this year.  So if you go with a big-ticket item, let's show the Dads in our life that we love them!


Happy Father's day!