Mary J. Blige hasn't served up any new music for awhile and that's cool because we're still jamming all the classics from her amazing catalog. But the award winning diva has remained very busy recently with her acting and her wine business.

Fans of Mary will get a chance to look back at one of the best albums of her career and get an inside look at her life with a new documentary that's dropping this month called "My Life".

In the 2 minute trailer, Blige shares the story behind the album "My Life" which she recalls being one of her darkest albums documenting a very depressing time in her life and how writing the album saved her life and many others.

She also shares clips from her performances throughout her career and interviews with celebrities who were there when she worked on the album and how it impacted their lives including Sean Combs, Taraji P. Henson and others.

"My Life" is definitely one of my favorite albums EVER and I'm a DUDE. Even though I wasn't the "target" demo, her work touched me as well as millions more so its great to see that we're getting the untold story of this phenomenal work.

"My Life" debuts on Amazon Prime Video on June 25th.

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