A recent study revealed that more shark attacks happen in Florida than in any other state in the nation; how's that for nightmare fuel? 

National Geographic recently analyzed data from across America, focusing on reported shark encounters in the last decade. Florida tops the list with a shocking 219 shark encounters over the past ten years. Take a look at the top five:

5. North Carolina: 25
4. California: 31
3. South Carolina: 38
2. Hawaii: 55
1. Florida: 219

What's up with Florida? TWO HUNDRED AND NINETEEN SHARK ENCOUNTERS? That's more than twenty PER YEAR for the last TEN YEARS.

And my family wonders why I don't like to swim in the ocean...

The study results were shared ahead of NatGeo WILD's SharkFest, a weeklong special programming event. NatGeo WILD is going all shark, all week, which sounds pretty dang cool. Get psyched for SharkFest by clicking HERE.