Ok a Very old but New Restaurant has opened right up the street fro our office, I can instantly see it being the hangout for us after work partiers. It's Los Tarascos Mexican Restaurant, its old location was right up the street on Skyland Blvd.. It's now moved to 1759 Skyland Blvd. East.

What's best is that I can walk there have a taco and walk back to the office, I got a chance to eat there with our new Chief Engineer. Not sure how I ended up paying today, but I did the food was excellent. They have great lunch times special's and they make  really good Margarita.

Of course the place was packed you can dine inside or out, the décor represents Mexico to the fullest with just a slight bit of crimson Tide Memorabilia on the walls, flat screens everywhere. Make sure you check it out Los Taracos today

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