The Tuscaloosa City School Board is moving forward with a plan to rebuild Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, and a group of former students is working to obtain a souvenir of their years at the school.

According to the Tuscaloosa News, the new structure will be built on the same site as the current facility.

However, ahead of demolition, former MLK students are currently discussing taking a photo in front of the school.  One person who commented even mentioned retrieving a brick from the now-standing structure to have as a keepsake.


One participant says she has spoken with Mr. Tyrone Jones, the school's principal, and he has agreed to let the former students visit the school ahead of demolition.


Sounds like the third week this month will be a time of reminiscing and old friends gathering, almost like a grand reunion for an elementary school.

If you were a student at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary in Tuscaloosa, feel free to spread the word.

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