R&B newcomer Garren is trying to deliver a positive message to his fans. On his piano-driven ballad “Wrong Way,” the 22-year-old singer details how he avoided the gang-banging lifestyle that kept his father in and out of prison for much of childhood.

In his black-and-white video above, Garren tells his story of trials and tribulations as he walks through the halls of his old high school and bumps into several teens who have perished in the streets from gang-banging and dope-slanging.

"A lot of n----s took the short way / A lot of n----s dead ain't going to see today / A lot of n----s made their momma pay" he rap-sings. "My homie just got sprayed today / It's the summer of the eighth grade / And he already in his grave."

"It comes a time in life where you have to make that decision to do what's best for you and what benefits your life," Garren told HotNewHipHop. "Growing up was difficult because it was a lot of people around me (uncles, my dad, friends) who were all gang-banging, and I had to make that choice of not doing that even though it was expected of me. It was peculiar of me to make that choice and I had to realize that even though I'm from the streets, I don't have to be of the streets."

In the video below, Garren confronts his father who has been absent for much of his childhood due to his troubled past and gang affiliation.

Garren is currently working on his debut album Normal via his imprint, Label Gold.

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