Just before I came into work at the radio station this afternoon, I stopped at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Skyland and Hargrove, to fill up my car. When it came time to pump my gas, I looked at the price and was shocked to see that it was about to cost me $2.53 per gallon. This surprised me because just a few weeks ago I remember paying $2.09 per gallon.

But then I realized WHY gas prices were on the rise again....because we are just a few days away from Memorial Day Weekend. Those Oil Companies are a sneaky bunch aren't they?

However, even though I was paying $2.53 per gallon, here in Alabama we're actually MUCH lower than the national average.

According to AAA, as of today, (5/21), gas prices have jumped 12 cents over the past 2 weeks, and 6 cents since last Monday, with a national average of $2.93 per gallon. Experts say that's the highest price going into the Memorial Day weekend in the last four years! In fact, this year, pump prices are averaging 50 cents higher than they were last year at this time.

Travel experts also believe that the National Average for gas prices this summer will be AT LEAST $3.00 per gallon.

Yep, The Oil Companies are a sneaky bunch aren't they?

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