He has got to be the dummy of the year!



Things you DON'T do after robbing a bank!

So last week a reporter for a CBS affiliate was assigned to do a story about an intersection in an Atlanta Suburb that has a lot of traffic.  Of course the news reporter was VERY excited to do this  boring story of an over crowded intersection. I'm certain, she had no idea just how important this story would be!

The CBS reporter named Ashley Thompson was out to that intersection in Lawrenceville, GA looking for people to interview about the traffic.  This is where things gets interesting.

A 24 year old guy named Eric Rivers walked past Ashley, so she decided to ask him if he'd like to be interviewed to talk about the traffic, he said yes and gave an on camera interview.

Sooo...what Ashley didn't know was Eric had just robbed a bank and after the interview, this genius goes and robs ANOTHER bank!

The staff and the first bank saw Eric go towards the CBS news van, they told the cops!  The cops went to the van and questioned Ashley and reviewed her taps.  Of course, the spotted Eric in the footage, tracked him down and arrested him.  Dummy!