Get Ready for The Tuscaloosa County Spring Clean Up

Springtime is here! More sunshine, a little rain, and of course, spring cleaning!

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I'll never forget spring cleaning at my parent's house. The windows would be all the way up, old school music would be blasting through the house, and you'd hear at least one of my parents humming or singing the music.

The strong smell of bleach, comet, or pine sol would engulf the house. Call me crazy, but mixed with some fresh air, it smelled good to me! I guess it's what I grew up associating with "being clean."

My brothers and I would be doing chores like sweeping the steps, scrubbing the walls, or mopping. In the spring, we'd also be going through our closets and tossing out old clothes and things we no longer needed. This is when we'd fill garbage bags with ease. It would be junk everywhere!

If you're ready to clean out your garage, storage rooms, closets, and free of charge, this event is for you. The Tuscaloosa County Spring Clean Up is happening on Saturday April 24th, 2021 from 8a-2pm.

The Tuscaloosa County Commission is sponsoring the clean-up. to help residents, there will be large Waste Management Inc, collection containers at drop-off locations across the county for you to throw away your spring cleaning waste.

If you're looking to get your kids active and clean out the house, this is perfect. The best part is, it's all free! If you'd like more information, call 205-464-8225.

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