By now, most of us have heard of (and been victimized by) “the COVID 15.”  As if technology hadn’t made our lives sedentary already, we were struck by the pandemic that forced many of us to remain in and around our homes. For some of us, the only activity we got on a daily basis was the walk from our vehicles to our offices and the return journey from the office to the car.

However, those who were accustomed to going to the gym have found other ways to remain active.  Mild temperatures have supported walking and jogging outside.  We've joined virtual exercise and dance classes. Some families have enjoyed playing in their back yards while others took more to board games and electronics.

If all of these changes weren’t enough, most sporting events were cancelled for the season.

This couldn’t have come at a better time. May is actually National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!

So, while movement would have been highlighted under normal circumstances, COVID-19 has created the need for creativity in these areas.

We’ve taken trips down memory lane with replays of our favorite moments in sports.  We’ve purchased more equipment to use at home, and some essential workers are opting to use the stairs as opposed to being enclosed in small elevators where social distancing is practically an impossibility.

Never the less, as restrictions are lifted, may we continue to develop new health habits, may we continue to walk around our neighborhoods, may we enjoy being outside on sunny days, and may we attend as many sporting events as possible!

After all, these things are what living is all about.

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