It's that time of year again, where The Girl Scouts sell their delicious cookies. However, one Girl Scout completely raised the bar by selling her cookies outside of a Marijuana Dispensary Store. And she made BANK! Selling a total 312 Boxes!

Now, before you say she was breaking the law, this did happen in San Diego, California, where it IS legal. And she was set up across the street, not exactly in front of the store, so she didn't violate any Girl Scouts ethics rules. But some folks are still outraged by it.

Then, there are those, (like myself), who think this is BRILLIANT! This is simple economics, "Supply" & "Demand". She had the "Cookies", and they had the "Munchies", a Win-Win for everybody!

With this Girl's Entrepreneurial Spirit, I have a feeling that one day I'm going to turn on my TV, and see her on "Shark Tank".

In any event, check out the story below that one local San Diego TV News Program did on it....


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