As we lead up to the first-ever, Ridgefest 2013, we wanted to showcase some of the features of our venue, The Ridge. We highlighted the awesome terrain earlier this week, now we want to bring you along for a few rides!

First, we have one of the trails that begins about 500 yards from the lodge and winds through a tight trail with a nice mix of terrain.


The beauty of The Ridge is that there are trails for all ages and levels of riding. If you're just looking to learn the basics or get comfortable on your machine, try the track that runs by the natural amphitheater.


We took this last ride up the side of a steep incline that didn't have anything but rocks of all different sizes jutting out. The video doesn't give you a great sense of the difficulty, but you can tell how upright our ATV became because the camera didn't point down, the ATV pointed up!