We've run across this question from a number of people leading up to our inaugural Ridgefest event. You want to go hang out at The Ridge, but what will you be able to do without an ATV? Great question!

The beauty of this event is they'll be activities for everyone regardless of how old you are or what you own. ATV and motocross riding might be the biggest draw because The Ridge has over 35 miles of trails, but there's so much more about the park that makes it great.

  • Go hiking

    The 35+ miles of trails around The Ridge aren't just for riding. There will be plenty of areas to explore without worrying about ATVs. Make your way over to Lookout Cave, where you can climb through a natural cave and up to the top of the rocks, where you'll get a nice view.

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  • Fish in Stocked Ponds

    Bring your rod and reel with you because The Ridge boasts two stocked fishing ponds on site. Wind down from a day of riding or make it a lazy afternoon by posting up on the bank of the ponds with your fishing pole.

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  • Play a Round of Disc Golf

    Disc golf might be one of the fastest growing sports in the country. If you've never played, it's exactly what it sounds like. Each player carries a disc, or frisbee, with more experienced players carrying multiple discs, similar to an actual golfer. Players have a tee box and try to get throw their disc into a 'hole', which is a basket made of chains to catch and hold the disc. The Ridge's course even hosts a tournament as part of a organized league in central Alabama. You can purchase a disc at when you arrive at the park if you don't already own one.

  • Geocaching

    This activity has become popular with hikers and adventurists with the advent of GPS-enabled devices. With geocaching, you will be provided the coordinates for four different locations. By using your GPS device, set off on a hunt for the hidden objects at each location.

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  • Race Your RC Car

    The Ridge just opened a new RC Track for anyone to use. Need a good place to test out a new car you bought or a great dirt track to race them on? We'll have that for you! The track was built less than 100 yards from the lodge so it will be easily accessible. Whether you're waiting on a concert or taking a break for lunch, stop over and run your RC car.

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