What's Up with these Weird Golden Flake Chips Found in Tuscaloosa?

I'm not one to judge, we all like something that someone else finds weird or disgusting. With that said, these Golden Flake chips might be top-notch weird.

So the other day, I'm shopping for the week at my favorite Walmart store in Tuscaloosa, Being the great husband I am, I decided to get my wife a snack I knew she'd love. To do that, I had to go to the chip aisle. On the way, I spotted the shelf of pork skins and immediately got sidetracked. No matter how bad they are for me, I can rarely resist grabbing a bag of pork skins.

I'm looking on the shelf for my all-time favorite flavor. I start to scan the shelf and this is what I see:

Old-Fashioned Pork Skins

Louisiana Hot Sauce Pork Skins

Vinegar and Salt Pork Skins

Barbecue  Pork Skins

I see my all-time favorite flavor, sweet heat, and just as I reach for the bag, my eyes caught a flavor I've never seen before. SPICED APPLE PORK SKINS! WHAT?!!

Y'all, I wish this was a joke. I really wish I could say I'm that great at photoshop and I made this up but I didn't These are real!

DreDay, Townsquare Media
DreDay, Townsquare Media

I've seen weird flavored things in my life but this is absolutely the weirdest. I've got so many questions. Who would ever think this was a good idea? How was that brainstorming meeting when the flavor was decided? Would YOU try spiced apple-flavored pork skins? Let me know in the chat feature of our free app.

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