Most of us have experienced bad customer service in one way or another.  Those occurrences usually leave a lasting impression and cause us to think twice about supporting those businesses. We even go as far as to tell others that we’re apprehensive when the businesses are suggested by others or discourage them from spending their money there.

But what happens when we receive good service?  Why can’t we be a society which gives more attention to the positive things in life rather than magnify the negative?

Today, I’d like to place the spotlight on a service worker whose disposition makes me look forward to being served. (By the way, if you receive such service from someone you think is deserving of honor, feel free to contact me.)

This morning, I stopped to get a latte for my daughter, and I was happy to hear the voice of the lady at the McDonald’s window.  When I got to the window, I told her that I am always pleased to hear her voice on the speaker. I could tell that the small compliment gave her a sense of pride.

She told me her name is Elaine King and asked me to be sure to call the number on the receipt and tell her superiors.  I told her I was going to do that and do one better.  I then told her my name and what I do for a living, and I told her I was going to tell everyone how phenomenal her customer service is.

There’s an old song that says, “Give me my flowers while I yet live.” Well, Ms. King, today is your day to receive your flowers.  Thank you for being a bright spot for people who sometimes need it most.

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