While the eyes of the entire nation witnessed the vicious murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and numerous others, sparking protests near and far, one family in West Alabama is reeling in pain and fury as questions remain unanswered in the death of their loved one: Wallace Wilder!

According to his survivors, Wilder was a Gordo resident who was known and loved by many.

It is said that law enforcement was called to his home as a result of a noise complaint. Upon arrival, the police attempted to get someone to the door but allegedly forced their way into the residence.

It is unknown what happened from that point, but the encounter resulted in Wilder's death.

This event took place in August 2019. However, here it is nine months later, and the family still has no answers.

Because the newly-appointed Pickens County Sheriff Todd Hall (who was the longtime Gordo Chief of Police and supposedly knew of Wilder's mental illness) was said to have been involved in the shooting, it is said that a request was made to have the case moved into the hands of the State Bureau of Investigation. And again, the family still has no answers. Source.

Of course, hearing their neighbors and friends calling for justice for the deaths of numerous others and for an end to systemic racism incites rage and frustration for Wilder's family. One of his nieces took to her social media Wednesday evening to express her feelings.

Through tears she spoke, "Of course we stand in solidarity in demanding justice for George Floyd and all the others, but how dare you speak these people's names but not the name of the man who was killed just down the road from you?!?! Say his name, too: Wallace Wilder!"

Some may find it easier to join in national movements without ruffling feathers on the local front. However, that would be hypocritical. If there is a call for justice in one case, there should be a call for all.

This case cannot be allowed to slip away into the shadows. While calling for justice in all the others, keep this name in mind: Wallace Wilder.

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