Did you honestly think I could go on vacation and completely abandon my job? I just love what I do!


We arrived in Destin Saturday evening and checked into our BEAUTIFUL home. The children were SUPER EXCITED and running all over the place, but they eventually called down, and after we decided who was sleeping where, we gathered in the living room, where my grandfather led the family in prayer.

Yesterday, we mostly shopped for basic necessities and a few groceries and went back and forth to the beach. My daughter is having a ball! She is wearing herself out, and I'm loving it! Her nap yesterday allowed me to take what has become one of my favorite pictures.

I'm not sure what today has in store. I'm about to go running with my older brother before everyone else wakes up. With the sky being so beautiful and clear, I'm sure I'll head to the beach today. I'll be posting more pics later. So, be sure to check the website often.