You know how people always say, "They said..." Well, I've only heard good things about Half Shell Oyster House.  So, I decided to give it a try for lunch today, and let me tell you... Everything "they said" was right!

From the time I walked into the door, everything was exceptional.  Ms. Mary greeted me at the door like she was awaiting my arrival.  I was a bit taken aback and clutched my Paparazzi necklace (it's not pearls, but it was enough to make a surprised expression LOL), as I thought, "Do you know me?"  I didn't ask, though.  I knew she didn't.  She just did her job VERY well in making each guest feel welcome.

I was asked how many was in my party.  Party of one, please.

After being seated, I was served by Michaela, who was extremely knowledgeable about their specials and menu.  There were so many options to choose from, but I couldn't choose!  So, you know what that means... Yep, I got a few things.  I had oysters, royal-something sliders (that's not the name of it, though), shrimp and grits, AND sweet potato souffle.  The portions were so filling that I had to take the latter two to go... After I tasted them, of course.


Manager Mitch sold me on trying the oysters, and I'm glad he did.  They were superb.  Not slimy, and they didn't even look like.... Well, you know.

The restaurant's owner Will Turner even stopped by my table to thank me for coming in.  I assured him I would be coming back.  I can hardly wait to take myself to lunch again. Half Shell Oyster House it is.

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