The state of Alabama has rolled out a new specialty license plate.

This license plate is not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but it will help the state parks.

The plate is simply named the “State Parks Supporter”, which launched in January. For just $50 more you can help a state park.

The state parks will receive 80 percent of the revenue from the license plates, which is a nice chunk of change compared to most funding programs.

According to License Commissioner Jeff Brown, Tuscaloosa County has sold 12 tags so far.

Alabama has launched a new specialty motor vehicle license plate benefiting the state parks system.

The "State Parks Supporter" plate launched in January. The license plate costs an additional $50 and can be requested with motor vehicle owners renew their tags at their local county offices.

 So far, this year, the Tuscaloosa County office has sold 12 tags, License Commissioner Jeff Brown said.

Last year, some of the budget for state parks was stripped to put money elsewhere in the state. The new specialty license program will help fill the void.

Although officials are not sure where the funds will go now, they assure customers that it will go to the benefit of state parks.

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