Each year, I challenge myself to give up something for Lent. You don’t have to be a Catholic to take 40 days out of your life to stop something that may be hindering your growth. Within 40 days of giving up whatever your vice may be, you get to see just how strong you really are.


This year instead of giving up just ONE thing, I’m going to give up THREE things.


  1. Checking my phone as soon as I wake up. Besides turning off my alarm for that extra 5 minutes of sleep, I want to stop checking for notifications. For the first five minutes of the day, I want to breathe and figure out my game plan for the day. I shouldn’t be worried about who liked what or commented this on social media.


  1. I can be impatient when it comes to things that I want to happen. Sometimes, I just need to learn to breathe and live within the moment instead of worrying about what I think should happen next.


  1. Vodka is my go to when I’m going out, or just having a drink at dinner. I’m not an alcoholic or an angry drunk, I just want to give it up for 40 days and see what happens. I'm still down for a glass of wine - that's Jesus juice (lol)

I want to know what you’re giving up for 40 days. Send me a message or comment below!

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