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Earlier this week, my friends over at Subway restaurants sent me over subs to feed me and my coworkers. They were super delicious and I got a lot people asking me what new sandwich it was. Well, I'm here to answer all the questions! Subway just released the Italian Hero. It was super amazing. I'm usually just a wheat and turkey kinda girl. But for now on, I'll be getting the Italian Hero from Subway!

Lets get to the meat of the situation. The Italian Hero is packed with three traditional Italian-Style meats; Capicola,Mortadella,Genoa Salami. It makes a tasty combination. It's even topped with provolone cheese and Mediterranean oregano.

Here;s a foodie hint, add vinegar and oil for a true Italian deli taste.

Whatever you do, just make sure you get to Subway fast. The Italian Hero is only available for a limited time.

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