Do you remember when you had no idea what was on sale for Black Friday until maybe the that Wednesday or even Black Friday!  Or do you remember when Black Friday started on Friday?

Things has changed so much that by now, pretty much every store's Black Friday ad has leaked.  Now we can see just about all of the sales, we can even see which stores don't have much of a deal!

After looking at this list, it should make your choices easier on where to go for Black Friday!

Check these stats out:

The average discount is 37% off across all stores, which is down from 40.2% just three years ago.  But it's just about the same as last year.

The department store chain Belk has the best average discount this year, at 68.9%.

The other stores with an average over 50% off are:  JCPenney . . . Stage . . . Kohl's . . . New York & Company . . . and Payless.


The store with the worst discount is . . . True Value hardware stores, at just 16.3%.

The other stores with an average discount under 25% are:  Gander Outdoors . . . Ace Hardware . . . Sam's Club . . . Big Lots . . . and Harbor Freight.


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