When you go out of town (whether Vegas or not), a general rule of thumb is “what happens away from home, stays where it happens.  So, while there are many moments from the Crimson Tide Cruise that will remain on the Carnival Valor, here are two moments too good to keep a secret!

Former Alabama running back Kerry Goode was one of the Tide legends on the cruise.  Though he battles ALS, he is NOT letting it strip him of living!

Our last night on the cruise, Kerry took to the dance floor.  WTUG cruise winner Latresa Miles refused to let him enjoy the music alone.  As he circled the floor in his wheelchair, she danced in circles always facing him.

Then later, the song “I Will Survive” began and the floor was all his!  The rest of the club cheered for him as he moved across the floor.  Once the majesty of the moment set in, I knew I had to record it.

Kerry is fighting with all his might, and as long as he knows how to love—in addition to loving the music and living in the moment, his wife was by his side the entire time—Kerry Goode will stay alive!

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