If you’ve ever thought about how dangerous it must be to be a corrections officer, your mind is about to be blown!

Without a doubt, an environment where the toughest of criminals is housed carries a great amount of risk, but Holman Correctional Facility is said to be staffed at 37 percent.  It is said to employ 72 people when 195 are needed to cover all shifts!

Add to that the fact that it is designed to hold just under 600 inmates but currently houses almost 1,000; and the facility just became even more dangerous.

According to reports, in fiscal 2018, more than 280 inmate-on-inmate assaults with serious injury occurred within the Alabama Department of Corrections, and 12 inmate-on-staff assaults with serious injury occurred. Source.

This is certainly cause for concern!  First of all, why would a prison be filled that far beyond capacity?  Of course, not every inmate is innocent just like not all are guilty.  But once it started to come close to being full, as with most other things, room should have been made. Either those convicted of nonviolent crimes should have been moved to other prisons, or some should have been released.

Secondarily, are prisons not taking part in job fairs? Holman alone could host a fair with as many people as are needed there!

It’s no surprise that assaults are happening with the population being so heavy and such a lack of security. Something has to be done about this!

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