We've all seen them and done them from time to time: grabbed a screenshot of something we wished to share with someone who didn't have access to see what we saw. But do we really think about what we're doing?

If others can't see it, that means the settings are restricted to allow access to a select number. This could be because the user doesn't want another person's feelings to be hurt or because he or she is sharing an intimate detail with friends and family but don't want anyone outside that circle to have that knowledge.

Again, most of us have done this at some point, and whether malicious or not, it is wrong and a violation of one's privacy.

This was brought directly to my doorstep last week. I commented on a friend's post, and what I said was taken completely out of context and was reported to someone who had nothing to do with what I said, but my comment was offensive when taken in the context it was sent. It could have turned out much worse than it did, but I was able to talk to the offended party and put things into the proper perspective.

Not everyone is so fortunate. Some people have negative thoughts about others based on things other people did or saw, which were out of context. If a person's privacy can still be violated via screenshot, what's the point of privacy settings?

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