We've all heard it said that "college isn't for everybody."

Is that true? Of course it is! Some people don't have the attention span needed in a classroom setting. Others simply don't see the value in going into the debt incurred by others who see college as an investment into more lucrative futures. Whatever the reason,  some people just don't see a reason to attend college.

A few days ago, I posted a picture of my 11-year old niece on Facebook. She was doing her own box braids. Some professionals commented and messaged me privately, saying that they started braiding hair around the same age.

This caused me to think... If there was ever a trade I would have considered over what I currently do, what would it be?

Honestly,  I don't know.  I enjoy the arts, but art is about passion, rarely about pay. I don't know of anything I do on the side that would be lucrative enough to sustain a living, other than real estate!

If you could do it all over again,  or could advise young adults to go into a particular trade,  what would it be?

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