[Credit: Facebook/Patrice Smith][/caption]Mary Kay Cosmetics has named its first Black National Sales Director in the State of Alabama, and she’s right here in Tuscaloosa.

For many, this comes as no surprise, as Patrice Smith is a major go-getter and has no problem asking ANYONE to support the business she so dearly loves.

When asked why she is so excited about Mary Kay, Smith explains that one of the first things about the company that captured her interest is its belief in putting God first and family second.  After that is one’s career or whatever else they deem to be important.

Wife of L. Spenser Smith, Senior Pastor at the Impact Nation Church and national recording artist, Patrice says that Mary Kay has afforded her the ability to be present at some of the most important times for her family, as she makes her own schedule.  Smith also emphasizes that she finds joy in empowering others and helping them to discover the beauty of themselves, inside and out.

Of course, the other perks don’t hurt either! Purses, jewelry, pink vehicles, and exotic vacations as rewards for what you love to do?  Yes, we can definitely understand why Smith would be so passionate about her chosen career path.

Congratulations on making Mary Kay history, Patrice Smith!

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