Oh MY Goodness!!  I am sooo sick to my stomach right now!!!

When I was younger, we would go shopping downtown Brooklyn and one thing you can count on, is the delicious, different aromas of food, including the frank stand. You may know it as a hot dog stand.

I remember getting upset because my Mom would never let us eat from one. She would always say, where do they go to the bathroom at and where do the wash their hands? That didn't stop my brother and I, when we were old enough to go downtown on our own, we would get one.

Well, it turns out, we should have listened to my Mom.  This week, in New York, Brooklyn, to be exact, A Chinese immigrant named Xi Ping Chow, 57 has been arrested by the New York Police Department for making his own hot dogs, literately!! His hot dogs was made with dog meat!!  (gagging)

Someone tipped off the NYC food inspectors that Chow’s operation possibly involved getting some dead dogs from dumpsters of the Animal Care Centers all over the city report officials.

Chow came to the USA in 1996 and has had a hot dog stand in Brooklyn for the past 18 years.  Experts say he might have sold over a million hot dogs

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