Have you ever had such a bad experience at a hotel you considered not using the entire chain again?

I have! Over the weekend, I had to make a QUICK trip to South Carolina.  Early Sunday morning, we stopped in Thomson, GA.and got a couple of rooms at this one chain of hotel rooms, mainly because I'm a Diamond member,

The customer service at the desk was fine, so was the room. The problem came in the morning. So being that we left after the Charlie Wilson concert,had to deal with Day Light Savings Time and the hour difference going into the Eastern Time Zone, it was 5 AM by the time we got there, I wanted to sleep in. Check out was at noon, so I figured I'd get up at 11 am and I'll have plenty of time to be ready before check out.

Well, at 11:28, I thought I was making good time, I had JUST gotten out of the shower, standing between the bathroom and the actual room, brushing my teeth while looking news.  All of a sudden, I hear a knock at the door then, suddenly, my door open.  I see this lady looking at me and asking if I need something?  I said Yes, I need you to identify yourself and wait for a response before you let yourself into my room as I tried to push the door closed. This rude housekeeper tried to push the door back open as I was trying to close it! At that point, I slammed the door shut and called the front desk.  I was livid, I told them I'd come talk to them in person.

After getting dressed and my stuff together, I left the room and went downstairs to check out. I asked for the manager and proceeded to tell him what happened, that's when the girl that I had the problem with came from around the corner yelling " Yeah, it was me", you got a problem with me"?  I looked at her, then her boss and said, never mind, I'm going to call the corporate office, if she acts like this in front of you, she's not worried about you knowing.

I have never seen such professionalism in my life!! I don't know which was worse, her walking in on me naked or her actions!