As a mother,  one of the worst things that can happen to you is for your child to get sick. When you wish above anything you could take the discomfort away  but you can't, it's quite draining.

MY daughter has been through A LOT in her 7 years of life. From being a preemie to having meningitis, to having RSV which leads to pneumonia in her first two years,  I've taken extra precautions to prevent her from suffering ailments as much as possible.

With that being said,  since she's been going to school,  Jireh can't seem to avoid the flu! One year, she got the flu, got the shot, and got the flu again roughly two months later.  I asked the doctor how that was even possible,  and he said that she was immunized against one strand but contracted another.

So, if getting the flu shot allows you to build antibodies against one strand but not the other,  what exactly is the point of getting the shot? We went to the ER around 8:30 last night and left after 1 a.m.

Her diagnosis: Flu B.

I'm so sick of this. If anybody can tell me how to keep from going through this over and over,  I'm all ears.


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