I wanted share the ten reasons I don’t like rainy days! Tell me if you agree.

  1. I just don’t like getting wet
  2. I hate walking through mud
  3. It always rains after I have washed my car
  4. I don’t like driving in the rain
  5. It always starts when I don’t have my umbrella
  6. I let it stop me from getting out on the golf course.(yes you can play golf in the rain)
  7. It messes up an outdoor concert.
  8. It makes my grass grow back to fast
  9. Walking in mud messes up a good pair of suede shoes
  10. It interferes with my satellite reception.

The one thing I do like about rainy days is it gives you an excuse to stay in the house on your days off. So there you have it. Charles Anthony does not like rainy days.