After an extremely long day, I was headed home from the radio station and witnessed an accident on I-20/59!

What had happened was...

No, seriously.

I was in the right lane between mile markers 73 and 76. Now, those who know me know I don't drive slow. However, after one speeding ticket and a fender bender, my insurance rates can't handle another infraction. Sooooo..... I was doing a bit over 45 mph but not by much.

A car was on my butt SUPER tight! Of course,  I had to have a conversation with the other driver,  whether he could hear me or not.

"Sir, get off my tail! That is NOT going to make me drive faster!"

Just as soon as I passed the truck, it started veering to the right. Apparently, the other car was so close to me, the driver in the truck only saw one vehicle. I heard a big BOOM and then saw the car that was behind me begin to swerve all across the northbound lanes!

I put the pedal to the metal, baby!

That was the scariest close encounter I've ever had.  I hope everything is ok for both drivers and any passengers.

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