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Some of the Alabama laws are unbelievable!  Are the laws in Alabama to protect the citizens?  It doesn't seem like it!


So, a girl in Brooklyn,18-year-old named Anna  alleged that NYPD officers handcuffed her and took turns raping her in the back of a moving van on Sept. 15, 2017. The cops are no longer on the force and they have both been charged with rape but that made anti-sexual assault advocates look at the laws a little closer in different states.

What was determined in a study by BuzzFeed News was alarming Alabama is one of 35 states that have not specifically outlawed cops from engaging in sexual activity with people in police custody. In other words... there is no law from stopping Alabama police from having sex with people they arrest.

However,it's against the law for Alabama correctional officers to have sex with inmates, Department of Youth Services, a sheriff, a county, or a municipality.

Terra Burns, an anti-sexual assault advocate, said that it is essential that states pass laws aimed at closing the loophole that allows police officers to have sex with people they arrest without risking major criminal charges.