As one who often laughs at herself, I find it quite enjoyable to see other people being pranked. I mean, it's funny when I'm pranked, too. But it's not nearly as funny as when it happens to someone else.

One prank that seems to be increasing in popularity, although it really should be practically impossible to find a person gullible enough for it to be successful, is making an unsuspecting person believe he or she has become invisible. Yes, it looks as stupid as it sounds, which makes for great laughter.

The subject is usually a child, but sometimes, people who really should know better are the butts of the prank.

(Warning:  Some videos can contain strong language.)

Now, I've had moments with my daughter where I pretended to not see her, but they were short-lived and she knew I could see her. Part of me wonders what would have happened if she thought she'd been made invisible. Another part of me is happy I've never subjected such emotion upon her. But if you've done it, please tag me in your video.

In this one, the guy DEFINITELY should have known better.  He's too old for this foolishness.


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