Here we go again.

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Years ago, it was fast food places like McDonalds that were getting blamed for unhealthy Americans.

Next, it was soda machines. Oh yeah, soda is the cause of all obesity.

OK, so there are more Dollar General stores in the south, according to the folks that keep track of that stuff.



Now, a senator in Georgia and a professor from California are claiming that Dollar stores are to blame for obesity.

They also claim that these places target lower income neighborhoods in the South.

Whatever. I think it's pretty easy to understand why DG does so well....convenience and prices!

Inflation is hurting plenty of families in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana to name a few. We all know that you can shop at Dollar General is gonna offer products for a lower price.

Sometimes, I don't wanna go into a grocery store. I just want to run in for a second and grab a couple things.

See, that's the convenience part of the equation.

There seems to be lots of folks going after Dollar General of late.

This video has gotten a TON of downloads, as it claims to "expose" the shady things about Dollar General.

*Video from Mashed/YouTube


Much of the argument I am hearing, in addition to the other attacks, is the claim that they are not good places for employment.

Bad working conditions, low pay and long hours etc.

In other news, some counties in the south are finding ways to "ban" stores like DG from adding any locations in the future.

Is Dollar General to blame for all our ills in society?

I think we have bigger problems.

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