There was a shooting at Crescent East Apartments last night, where one man was killed. Today, schools were placed on lockdown while authorities searched for a man who shot at police. All of this reminds me of something I heard last week.

A comedian said it's harder for him to get cold medicine than it is for him to get a gun.
Think about that for a minute.

People who use cold medicine to make illegal drugs are usually taking the drugs themselves. People who use guns to commit crimes are rarely their own intended victims. Their targets are other people.

I was telling my sister a few days ago that I am not one to judge another person's wrongdoing because I'm not perfect, and I do wrong myself. Some of it is intentional. Some of it is not. However, the difference between what I do and when I have a problem with another person's wrongdoing is that I never involve an unrelated party. What I mean by that is this: If I borrow someone else's car and a light turns yellow, I'm going to stop. If I'm in my own car, I MIGHT run the risk of trying to beat it before it turns red. If a redlight camera caught the owner's tag, that owner would receive the ticket, then becoming involved in my wrongdoing.

If I decide to see someone who shouldn't be with me, we are going to meet in a public place, that person is coming to my house, or I'm going to theirs. I'm not meeting them at someone else's house because that gets that person involved.

I can go on and on about cases where people involve innocent people unnecessarily, but that is veering away from my point. My point is that it is easier for a person to obtain the tool to take another person's life than it is to get the tools/ingredients to make one's self well or to even abuse one's self. THAT is a problem!