This is the kind of thing no one wants to read about. A group of young men were hanging out in front of a home on E 28th Place when the subject of Russian Roulette came up. What happened next left one teen shot in the head and another teen in jail. It seems that the group of teens were talking about playing Russian Roulette when one of the teens pulled out a pistol aimed at the victim and pulled the trigger.

This just doesn't sound right to me, first off Russian Roulette is normally when a person holds a gun to their head and pulls the trigger.

What happened here in Tuscaloosa wasn't Russian Roulette, it was attempted murder and now one teen fights to recover from being shot in the head and another teen faces a long time in prison.

What are our youth doing to themselves playing Russian Roulette is not a game, it's a matter of life or death and luckily in this case no one lost their life.