Businesswoman at desk, smiling, portrait
Christopher Robbins

If you think about it, I think EVERYONE stole from their job, at least once! Especially since they're counting ink pens! A new survey asked people if they've ever stolen stuff from work.  Here are the five most common items we steal . . .


1.  Pens and pencils.  38% of us have stolen them from work before.

2.  Note pads and other stationery, 22%.

3.  Printer paper, 18%.

4.  Staplers, 8%.

5.  Food from the kitchen, also 8%.  Toilet paper just missed the top five at 7%.


Also, 5% of us have stolen things like mugs or silverware from the kitchen, 3% have stolen money and 2% have stolen a computer.

The survey also asked bosses how serious it is to steal different things.  89% said stealing money is "very serious," and 87% said the same about a computer or laptop.

Less than 15% said it's serious to steal things like pens, pencils, scissors, and stationery.

Can you think of more things people take from the office?  No lie, we had someone that was stealing coffee pods!

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